Welcome to Starfleet & Empire Hazard Task Force

We are a casual group welcoming members of any skill level or availability. Our focus is providing a friendly, laid-back environment to allow our members to enjoy every aspect of Star Trek Online free of guild politics and other unnecessary drama.

In addition to our Federation (Starfleet Hazard Task Force) and Klingon (Empire Hazard Task Force) fleets we also maintain a private chat channel (HTF Fleet), which we use in place of the default fleet chat, and website (http://htf.enjin.com/).

If you haven't already joined the fleet please fill out the form below and a senior fleet member will contact you as soon as possible or contact any of our fleet leaders in game via mail or PM.

New members are asked to join the HTF fleet channel within their first 30 days with the fleet. Failure to do so places them at risk of being removed.

After that all that's necessary to maintain your membership is to log in to Star Trek Online at least once every 60 days. Those interested in progressing in rank within the fleet and gaining access to all of the benefits of membership are asked to register for the fleet site (via the form below; mandatory above rank 4) and to participate in fleet chat and other group activities.

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Permissions by Rank Channel Access Levels
Ranks Notes Promotion Criteria
1 - Recruit "up or out" - members at this rank have 30 days reach rank 2 or be removed from the fleet To Rank 2
Join HTF Fleet Channel
2 - Junior Member Members who have not logged in within the past 60 days are demoted to this rank
Members who have not logged in within the past 90 days are removed from the fleet
To Rank 3 [by request only]
Hold rank 2 for at least 7 days
200,000+ Fleet Credit -OR- 75,000+ Fleet Credit -AND- Site Membership

To Rank 4
Hold rank 2 for at least 15 days
semi-regular or better participation in fleet chat and other fleet activities
3 - Junior Member with Store Access Eligibility for promotion to this rank is evaluated on a per character basis, not a per account basis To Rank 4
Hold rank 2 for at least 7 days
semi-regular or better participation in fleet chat and other fleet activities
4 - General Member Alternate characters for members holding rank 4 or higher are assigned to this rank

To Rank 5
Member of Fleet Site at least 30 days
Regular, positive, participation in fleet chat and other fleet activities
demonstrate an interest in helping to improve and manage the fleet


Majority of fleet leadership must approve

5 - Senior Member
6 Currently not in use
7 - Fleet Leadership

Promotion Approval
  • for ranks 1-4: ANY fleet member of rank 5 or higher. Requests may be made via the HTF Fleet channel, PM or site's "Admin Requests" form
  • for ranks 5-7: Majority vote by fleet leadership. Requests must be made via the site's "Admin Requests" form

If you have already joined, a channel invite should have been sent along with your fleet invite. To subscribe to the channel:
  • Press escape to access the main menu and select "Chat Settings"
  • Left click on the "Channels” tab
  • Left click on "HTF Fleet”
  • Left click "join” in the lower left of the window.
If the "HTF Fleet” channel is not listed please select "missing invite” on the Site Membership Application below or contact a fleet leader.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our fleet CINC (@deathreign78), one of the Federation division leaders (@sigma00one or @mouerte) or one of our Klingon division leaders (@captcrash002 or @daesavio) via in game mail.

Site Membership Application

Email Address:
Site Application Form
What is your Star Trek Online Character Name and Display Name? (Must provide both)
Character name followed by handle; ex: Decker@deathreign78
What time zone are you in? (wiki time zone map)


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Are you?
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Looking to join the fleet with a single character
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What is your character's name
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What faction are they?
Please list the characters, and their factions, that you would like fleet invites for
Example: John (Federation), Jane (KDF), ...
Why would you like to join our fleet?
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